Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Creating Virtual Museum For The Historical Malacca’s Glittering Emergence In The Cyber World


1. Create an efficient and competitive virtual environment to promote Melaka’s success in the fields of history, culture, and tourism at home and abroad by removing obstacles to growth of knowledge capital.

2. Establish a safe heaven for incubation of intellectual property by obtaining the exclusive right to build and digitize the contents related to history in Malaysia.

3. Broaden access and shorten the geographical distance for current and future generations to expose to rich and varied cultural and traditional values by streaming the digitzed contents through Internet.

4. Develop the educational potential and raise standards of cultural education and training.

5. Ensure all citizens have the equal opportunity to achieve excellence in conservation of history and applications of IT by developing talent as well as cultivating innovation.

6. Setup the new international standard to certify the methodology and technology in preservation of the integrity of the historical records.

7. Promote the role of the governments in urban and rural regeneration in pursuing social harmony by understanding the lessons learned in history.

8. Develop various coherent and consistent events, gallery drama, guided tours, exhibitions, and scientific expeditions to generate and sustain public interest in learning history and IT.

benefits of the state department

1. Promote and complement domestic tourism industry by introducing Melaka as the history and knowledge hub to other states and the rest of the world.

2. Create more employment opportunity, especially service and knowledge based industries.

3. Cultivate, generate, and preserve the intellectual property right by the local people.

4. Promote and educate public regarding the unique history heritage and culture of Melaka state.

5. Provide a platform for exchange knowledge, conversation of history, culture and traditional value.

6. Improve trade and communications between the Melaka and other states and countries.

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