Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The beginnings of the Pygoya Museum


miss Binita Shome, museum homepage designer, wrote:
> I need to know how u've conceptualized the site'pygoya museum'...write to me in details...that'll help me in creating the designs as per ur imagination; want my designs to match with ur thinking...

OK, think about this when you design the creation-
I'm am this art student in this dream one night, attending virtually an
opening exhibition of this artist called Pygoya. I awoke and remembered
and liked that fictitious fantasy figure from the surrealism of the
dream state. I like his Asian Abstract murals and also adopted to my
style. This style I have done since 1985 after shifting from bronze
metalwork to digital mouse. Now there are thousands of originals
executed on computers since 1985. The aggregate growing collection is
given a central site to view them, with background history, just like a
visit to the local art museum. So online, we have Pygoya Webmusem
before but now Binita I want you to call it Pygoya Museum. Hey, a
museum is a museum., online or off-line. See and enjoy many pictures.
Now I like to act upon the belief that my works displayed on the
Internet become indigenous cyberculture as well as original art endemic
to the Web. So the life collection of Pygoyan images launched very
periodic shifting moment keeps advancing with the future. The myriad of
parading images show metamorphosing into new graphic veils with the
changing commerical preferences for generic grapic programming. But all maintain
the same kernel of the artist's spirit that continues to evolve along with
the technology, as well as contribute to global world art culture and experience.
-Pygoya 3/7/2003"

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