Thursday, October 05, 2006

The beginnings...

How do you define a virtual museum?

  • (2006) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"A virtual museum (sometimes web museum) is an online website with a collection of objects (real or virtual) or exhibitions. They include contemporary, historical and sometimes artistic content. Examples include the Virtual Museum of Computing. Some are produced by enthusiastic individuals such as the Lin Hsin Hsin Art Museum; others, like the UK's 24 Hour Museum and the Virtual Museum of Canada, are professional endeavours."

"A virtual museum is a collection of electronic artifacts and information resources - virtually anything which can be digitized. The collection may include paintings, drawings, photographs, diagrams, graphs, recordings, video segments, newspaper articles, transcripts of interviews, numerical databases and a host of other items which may be saved on the virtual museum's file server. It may also offer pointers to great resources around the world relevant to the museum's main focus."