Thursday, October 27, 2011

Here's an image from our in-world practice yesterday: Elena Diaz Bjorkquist as Teresita Urrea and me, M. Miranda Maloney, sharing a moment of downtime while we waited for Francisco X. Alarcon and Nancy Lorenza Green. Turns out, Elena is a natural in Second Life. Her avatar moves effortlessly and gracefully through La Placita. She was able to give me pointers on how to move across without staggering or bumping into objects. Like her, Francisco moved and gestured without effort.

Francisco will be giving the blessings to the four direction on Oct. 31st at 8:30 p.m. EST during the Dia de los Muertos' Opening Procession. Elena will give a presentation on Teresita Urrea, a.k.a The Saint of Cabora-- a widely known healer and mystic. Francisco and Griselda Munoz will be reciting poetry as Nancy Lorenza Green drums in the background. Introductions will be made by Melissa Carrillo (Pennelope Riggles), the creative director behind the artful setting of what is Smithsonian Latino Virtual Museum.

Elena Diaz Bjorkquist as Teresita Urrea.

Francisco X. Alarcon

Nancy Lorenza Green practicing the drums.

Still missing in this create line-up of creative presenters is Griselda Munoz. I'll be getting to you soon with her avatar photo.

Please join us. There is still time to download the free Second Life software and create your avatar. Go to: The Smithsonian Latino Virtual Museum's website to download. 

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