Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sin Fronteras Virtual Reading and Open Mic

Date: Friday, Oct. 14
Time: 8:30 p.m.- 10 p:m EST
Location: Smithsonian LVM Distance Learning Center

To participate you will need an avatar and headset/microphone. Click here to get your avatar and download your SL software for free.

Smithsonian LVM in collaboration with Mouthfeel Press presents a virtual poetry read featuring:

Laura Cesarco Eglin (Llamar al agua por su nombre)
Elisa A. Garza (Fronteras)
Nancy Lorenza Green (Crucified River/ Rio Crucificado)
Katherine Hoerth (Among the Mariposas)
ire'ne lara silva (furia)
Cassandra Love (Swagger is a Woman)
Amalio MadueƱo (Cuyamungue)
Juan Manuel Portillo (passwords_)

The stage will be open to writers of all genres after the presentation.

For more information contact: (202) 633-1240, or Maria Miranda Maloney at (915)261-8502

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