Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mishmash Americano

Roberto Santos is a Jewish-Dominican, Texas-born poet currently living in the El Paso-Cuidad Juarez border. Santos is the host of the popular Barbed Wire Series, a monthly open-mic venue that draws a mixed crowd of musicians, poets, writers, artists and philosophers. Recently, Santos hosted the open-mic venue live at the Smithsonian Latino Virtual Museum Dia de los Muertos Festival. I found Santos' latest poem "Mishmash Americano" in the online magazine EP Culture Beat. Many thanks to the zine's editor, Michael De Santiago, for giving me permission to use the link.

"Mishmash Americano" is a rapture of Yiddish, English and Domincan Street Spanish rhythms and Hip-Hop groove. Santos celebrates his cultural mix through poetry "finding harmony in the often conflicting hybrid realities," says Santos.

Listen to "Mishmash Americano" by Roberto Santos:

Mishmash Americano

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